Workplace Culture & Engagement

Our surveys provides further insight to how your employees are feeling about working for your business.  Understanding how they feel, impacts what they think and what they do.

Each of our surveys include administration of the survey; preparation of a detailed report presenting our findings from the analysis we undertake; and, presenting trends from the survey responses, which we will then use to prepare an action plan with recommendations to lift improvement where required.



Available surveys:

Workplace Culture Survey -  this survey focus on your business's vision and values, sense of community, development opportunities, performance culture, team member's perception of their manager(s), the company and senior management, and the team's physical work environment.  This survey can be one off or up to three times in a year as a ‘pulse check’ of the culture, with a smaller area of focus each time.


Exit Interview - an exit interview provides a robust framework for better understanding the expectations, assumptions, motivations and drivers that contribute to an individual joining your business.  They also provide scope to explore the forces that have contributed to an individual’s exit. The information obtained from the exit interview process will assist in identifying any trends requiring attention, any opportunities for improvement and insights into how to retain key people.


Employee Value Proposition - understanding how your individual team members are personally feeling within their role and the business is important in terms of retention, engagement, performance and flight risk. The Employee Value Proposition looks at an employee's satisfaction with the business, with management, support provided, their role, remuneration and likely flight risk. The report provides action plans which focus on how to address any concerns which your employees may have, with coaching guidance for you as their manager.


AskYourTeam – this is a revolutionary tool that utilises an internal survey to gather detailed insights about how your business is performing. From this you will have the knowledge and insight into how your wider team feels, thinks and perceives in relation to your core business success factors. You will know exactly what levers to pull to make your business more productive and profitable whilst ensuring that your team are high performing and engaged.


Stop, Start, Stay - this simple paper based survey, will enable you to inexpensively gain feedback on individual team members.  The document leads the individual seeking feedback from colleagues through clear instructions, from choosing a buddy to collate the feedback, through to development questions to support them personally and professionally further to taking on board the feedback.  There are also instructions for those providing feedback on the individual.

"Our experience working with POD has been extremely positive and produced tangible results which speak for themselves."

Monica, Chief Executive, Property Management