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We partner with hundreds of clients from almost all industries across the country. This is what some of them have to say about POD.


POD Workshops

"Excellent - Alicia had a very easy and friendly but professional manner and covered lots of relevant topics. A good mix of theory and practical examples."

POD Workshop attendee

“We’re only a few months in but already Safe365 has shown us the key areas where we need to show some improvement. We’re lucky that we’re not in a typically hazardous work environment, but there are still areas for consideration that you might not otherwise notice and Safe365 has helped raise awareness for the health and safety committee. Knowledge can then be filtered down to employees on best practice. Safe365 has shown us we’re in quite a good place to start from and we’re more confident now that our efforts are getting off on the right foot and the app will help make it much easier to keep tabs.”

Viv Holmes
H&S Site Coordinator | AdviceFirst

"POD took the time to listen and understand our needs, were flexible and always provided a personal and professional service. Partnering with POD has not only saved us time, stress and money, but assisted our productivity and development."

Dawn Engelbrecht
Director - sKids (Safe Kids in Daily Supervision)

“Our Supervisors have had positive appraisal results, they’re more organised and now set goals for themselves and their teams.  They appear calmer and more positive.  We’re seeing a higher skill level with their new found leadership techniques.”

Denis D’Souza
Operations Manager - Nexus Foams

"I started working with POD one year after I started my own business in property management. Initially I lacked the basic knowledge required to run a successful business and had no clear strategy or plan in place to ensure my success. Some of the key challenges I faced included lack of experience in: coaching staff, developing a HR and performance management system and how to promote staff retention and ensure good team performance."

"Through working with POD, we developed an entire performance management system that included position descriptions, KPIs, monthly reports, quarterly goals and an annual appraisal process that not only ensured everyone was on track with their personal achievements (myself included) but also provided a clear progression path for everyone within the company."


"Everyone in the team buys into our vision of becoming the best property management company in Auckland. Within the last 12 months our client base has increased by 22% and our business profitability has increased by just over 8.5%. We have recruited new staff and been awarded the Business and Income Growth award for the 2nd year in a row by LJ Hooker."

"Our experience working with POD has been extremely positive and produced tangible results which speak for themselves."

Monica Chen
Director - LJ Hooker Ponsonby

"POD has offered accurate and crucial advice and guidance in dealing with every aspect within the HR area, from coaching, interviewing, inductions, the disciplinary process, keeping employees engaged and more."

"This area of the business was limping along 3 years ago and staff turnover was at an all-time low, however, I am happy to say, this is no longer the case and we now have the right people on board, motivated, engaged and productive, which allows me to concentrate on the other aspects of my role..."

Yvette Toopi
Commercial Manager - Cas-pak

"POD has allowed me time to take a step back from the day to day activities and focus on other areas of the business."

Alison Turner
HR Director - Nautech Electronics



"I can honestly say that POD are so amazing at what they do. They are professional, welcoming, quick, approachable, and do what they say they are going to do. I'm so glad that I have chosen to work with such a great bunch of people that not only do their job, but leave me feeling inspired."


Bo Burns
Marketing and Sales Manager, All About Promo