Sales Performance

Sustainable and growth-oriented businesses require ongoing sales. Selling success is more an issue of who you are than what you know. While knowledge is necessary, sustained success comes to the person who’s driven by strong values and ethics.

Integrity Sales Solution

We can increase your revenue by helping your sales people develop customer-needs focused sales behaviours and positive attitudes that create long-term, value-producing partnerships with your customers.

Our internationally recognised programme provides behaviour change support through an extensive follow-up course, where participants share best practices and brainstorm solutions to challenges.

Outcomes and expected return on investment:

  • Consistent high sales performance
  • Decreased call reluctance
  • Greater customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Stronger goal clarity
  • Retention of top performers
  • Improved managers’ coaching capability

What makes the Integrity Selling Programme so valuable?

  • A flexible process for having an organised, sales conversation
  • An engaging digital experience supports the facilitator-led training
  • Content may be customised based on organisation or industry
  • 8-week follow-up course and monthly performance accelerator modules to embed learning and transferability to the workplace
  • Participants learn the value of ethical behaviour in sales situations

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