Sales Channels to Reach Your Market

Channel decisions are fundamental in helping you create a competitive advantage for your business by making you a lot more accessible to your customers, however, you need to continue to review each of your sales channels and ensure they continue to meet your customers’ and environments changing needs.

With existing or new sales channels, the experience the customer receives is paramount for business success and must be constantly reviewed;

  • Looking at the sales channel options to understand what ones are right for your business and customers
  • Designing campaigns for sales channel partners to drive alignment and engagement
  • Looking at the whole sales channel and all the customer contact points to ensure you are meeting your customer needs at all stages in the buying process
  • Developing clear communications to minimise any channel conflict and disruption of supply to the customer.

We analyse sales channels to address performance gaps and look at how to improve their profitability.

By looking into sales channel engagement; addressed pricing and compensation models, we reduce channel conflict and refine channel approaches so they better meet customer needs.