We do recruitment a little differently. We are part of the business advisory eco-system, which is something a bit special and pretty unique.

The eco-system is a large network of specialist business talent, covering all the services a business needs to be successful. We have built and grown our own successful businesses so we get it, we ‘walk the talk’ and get involved, providing you with accelerated results and peace of mind.

Full Service Recruitment.

We know that a one size fits all way of thinking is not going to get you the outcomes your business need so we offer options when it comes to recruitment.



We work with you exclusively and break those invoices up into 3 manageable chunks that are spread across the stages of the recruitment process, commencement, shortlist and offer.



When you engage our services exclusively be rest assured, we will invest all our time in sourcing you that gold nugget. Fee is paid upon placement.



A traditional end to end service where fee is paid upon placement at standard rates. A more transactional recruitment approach as often several agencies are competing against one another.


Part Service Recruitment

We can help you in any part of your recruitment process, think of us as those extra pair of hands. If you need help with anything from sourcing to referencing, we have it covered. Our part service offering is vast and we will fit into your process to get the job done.

Executive Search and Selection


When it comes to people it’s never an exact science, but we get it pretty close! We take any guess-work out of connecting you with outstanding leaders who will fit in to your business. Our rigorous and flexible search, sourcing and selection process is tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. We manage the end-to-end recruitment process for you, with all the best practice steps and necessary due diligence carried out throughout.

We employ the best in candidate sourcing and selection strategies to find you those hard-to-get candidates. And given just 20% of our roles are filled via job-board advertising, we employ a raft of proactive talent acquisition strategies.

“POD’s recruitment team has always found a way to get me the person I need.” – MD, IT Company

With near-on a decade of recruitment experience, our track record extends across a broad range of industries and we will not only save you time, but also the exponential cost involved in hiring the wrong person!



In true POD style, we tailor our recruitment partnerships completely to meet your business need; we’re never one-size-fits all and this is what sets us apart.

“I still wanted to be involved in the selection and interviewing, but needed a hand with parts of the process to make sure it was fair and robust to bring on such a critical role in the company. POD tailored the process to suit me and we got a great result.”– SME Business Owner, 2018

We weigh up several factors (your lead time to hire, the time you have to spend on recruitment over and above your ‘day job’, your budget, the role and the industry to name a few) and make a recommendation as to how we can best support you to bring on your next team member.

Whether it’s taking care of the process end-to-end or taking the more time-consuming aspects of the process off your hands, we’ll help you weigh it all up and choose the approach that will work best for you.

Onsite Recruitment Partner


Experiencing a growth spurt? Or you’ve found backfilling several of your roles a challenge? Perhaps your own HR Team is just too swamped to focus on recruitment right now?

“We had multiple hard-to-fill roles become available earlier this year and our HR Team needed help from someone who would still have a good understanding of our environment. POD’s Recruitment Specialist, Jess, came on site one or two days a week over several weeks for a set ‘retainer’ amount and chipped away at filling these roles for us – this saved us thousands in recruitment fees and we’ve got some great people on board.” – Engineering client 2018

We’ll dedicate our best-suited Recruitment Specialist to the task for as long as it takes to bring on board the people you need.  Working as your very own in-house recruiter, you’ll be amazed at the traction you get and the talent we’ll find.

The win-win advantage? We get to know your people and your business like we’re one of your own, matching great people to your roles!!

Podium Psychometric Assessments

Our team are accredited in delivering and analysing the Podium suite of psychometric assessments, enabling us to support you in gaining further understanding of the preferred candidate’s suitability to the role.