RBPN Management Capability Development Fund ​

Access up to $5,000 in co-funding for business coaching, training & support.


Business Planning & Coaching Support

Enabling your business to move forward with clear focus.

The Management Capability Development Fund offers businesses up to 50% co-funded support for management coaching and training services to build management capability within the business.

Whether your business is moving into recovery mode and looking for guidance, or is focused on building capability and growth, as registered providers, POD | Tactix can help steer your business in the right direction.

Details of just a few of our registered services are below, though rest assured, your support is tailored to your specific needs.


Our registered services

  • Achieving Business Results – Working one-on-one, and/or with your leadership team, we will prepare a ‘living’ business plan for your business. The Achieving Business Results programme will include workshops to understand the critical factors influencing the success of your business; as well as the development of your annual strategic business plan.
  • The Active Management Programme – This programme, takes world best practice in training and development to deliver a learning experience which will build management and leadership capability through a focus of understanding core management requirements; managing self; managing others; and, managing teams. Enhanced capability will support business growth, team cohesion, organisational engagement and overall improvements to business performance.
  • Coaching – We will bring your business plan to life by each month coaching you through the activities and milestones relating to HR, operations, technology, sales, marketing and finance. As your coach, mentor and business strategist, we will work alongside you to help your business excel, focusing on your vision, key business drivers and goals. We will support you in your leadership development and your role as business owner, by focusing you “on” the running of the business; as well as supporting you to deliver the operational and growth requirements needed “in” your business.
  • Business Growth Strategy & Workshops – At times, instead of a one year strategic business plan, business owners and/or senior leaders want to drive momentum, establish clear outcomes and execute action over a shorter period of just 90 or 180 days. This applied focus hones attention on the key outcomes and with the regular workshops, which are interactive and action oriented – results are delivered, quickly.
  • Leadership Development – A good leader inspires and motivates their team to perform at their best. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of effective leadership and will get an understanding of your own leadership style and how to adapt this to suit your team. You’ll gain an understanding of the differences between leadership and management and the importance of both functions to your business. We will support you to make change a positive experience for your employees and develop a culture of high performance.