Meet the team

The link between ideas and action.

  • Sophie Davies Recruitment Consultant

  • Nicole Crump Head of Marketing & Customer Insights

  • Gwyn Thomas Business Growth Adviser

  • laura-ford-meet-the-team-hr-recruitment-employment-specialists-nz-auckland-wellington-pod-consulting-min

    Laura Moloney HR Partner

  • lotte-aarts-meet-the-team-hr-recruitment-employment-specialists-nz-auckland-wellington-pod-consulting-min

    Lotte Simpson HR Partner

  • Rachelle Fisher Marketing & Administration Coordinator

  • Simône Regan Head of Recruitment

  • jessica-stephens-meet-the-team-hr-recruitment-employment-specialists-nz-auckland-wellington-pod-consulting-min

    Jessica Stephens Recruitment Specialist

  • Sharn Rayner Managing Partner – Business Advisory

  • mike-kensington-meet-the-team-hr-recruitment-employment-specialists-nz-auckland-wellington-pod-consulting-min

    Mike Kensington Leadership & Strategy Partner

  • Catherine Newton Head of Strategic Partnerships

  • Alicia Meyer HR Team Leader & HR Partner

  • Michelle Jeans HR Partner

  • Jo Karl HR Advisor

  • Tracey Ashworth Employment Relations Consultant

  • Gerard Hudson Business Growth & Financial Performance Adviser

  • Laura Humphreys Business Growth Adviser

  • Ray Toplis Health, Safety and Wellbeing Adviser

  • Pamela Mitchell Health, Safety and Wellbeing Adviser

  • Tony Larsen Business Financial Performance Adviser

  • Kevin Senior Business Financial Performance Adviser