At POD | AdviceFirst we are serious about Health & Safety in the workplace– be this physical or mental health. This is why we are sponsors of the Safe365 ‘Safest Place to Work Awards', and part of the movement to positively lift the culture of workplace safety in New Zealand.

New Zealand Health & Safety

Mitigate risk for your people and your business with an affordable, easy-to-use and fully supported Health & Safety solution.

So, how exactly can we help your business improve workplace health & safety?

We have embraced Safe365 as a tool to gauge, monitor and improve health and safety capability and compliance. We support you in person, via the handy app available on Android & IOS, as well as in the cloud.

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Why Safe365?

Safe365 is a world class, cloud-based application that leaves you confident you are meeting workplace health & safety legislation.

Safe365 achieves this through assessing health & safety performance and showing you exactly how to develop health & safety capability. Safe365 can be used across all industries and in businesses of all sizes.

Safe365 helps you meet health & safety legislative compliance levels, by:

  • Assessing your health & safety capability
  • Diagnosing the problem areas
  • Improving your capability
  • Reporting your progress


As a POD | AdviceFirst client you will receive a 10% discount off your annual fee for signing up to Safe365 along with a free ‘check & challenge’ conducted by our Health and Safety Consultant. The 'check & challenge' ensures that you have correctly assessed your business and are focused on the right areas to enhance H&S capability.

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Your Free Trial

Start with a free 21 day trial to try it out first and see exactly why we are supporters of Safe365.

SME businesses also have free access to the Safe365 app. This can be downloaded onto your teams’ smart devices and with their personal profiles can:

  • Keep an account of licenses/training records
  • Share operational health & safety data including; risks & hazards, incident & evidence reports, safety observations, audits, checklists & toolbox talks
  • Participate in an engagement survey of health, safety & wellbeing


These insights will help you and your team to enhance workplace safety, together.

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Meet our H&S Consultant Shaun

Shaun has worked in Health & Safety for 10 years, working across industries from FMCG, mines in Australia, councils and council parks and recreation, manufacturing, education and sports.

Shaun is passionate about coaching businesses through best practice Health & Safety.  He specialises in developing documentation that will align clients with legislative requirements and guiding businesses through using Safe365. Shaun does this through our ‘check & challenge’ or attending onsite safety meetings, toolbox talks and training to advise on any issues around Health & Safety.

Outside of work, Shaun likes to spend his time skiing and completing team triathlons such as the 'Half Ironman' team events. Shaun is married with two daughters and spends a lot of time supporting their sporting activities, especially gymnastics where his eldest competes at a high level across NZ.

Talk to Shaun

“We’re only a few months in but already Safe365 has shown us the key areas where we need to show some improvement. We’re lucky that we’re not in a typically hazardous work environment, but there are still areas for consideration that you might not otherwise notice and Safe365 has helped raise awareness for the health and safety committee. Knowledge can then be filtered down to employees on best practice. Safe365 has shown us we’re in quite a good place to start from and we’re more confident now that our efforts are getting off on the right foot and the app will help make it much easier to keep tabs.”

Viv Holmes
H&S Site Coordinator | AdviceFirst