Marketing Strategy and Planning

Tactix specialise in obtaining relevant consumer insights and developing the right approaches to get your business successfully noticed.

We provide the support you need to drive optimal integrated activities across your business, effectively using the resources you have available and delivering the desired results.

Marketing Execution

To grow your business do you find your self lacking the skills, time or knowledge to implement your marketing activities?

Key to your growth will be putting in place regular marketing activities and to help you achieve this we have developed a set of packages.

With our packages, you will get agreed outputs every month at a fixed cost.  In addition, as each of your marketing activities may require a different skill set such as strategy, design, copywriting or digital marketing –  with us you will have all the resources necessary to deliver your marketing.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing strategy and planning looks to drive continue growth of your business taking into account possible market changes and leveraging these new opportunities.

To support this, we use a coordinated approach to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan to set the framework for business growth, fully understand the markets and align activities to best connect with customers.

Understanding your customers and competitors

If you are looking for business growth it is essential that you get inside the heads of your customers. With meaningful consumer research, you can get the insights you need to help fast track your understanding of what your customers want, need and value,

Ultimately these insights will help you to understand customer motivations, the current market situation and the main competitors in this space, providing you with focused information on which to make informed decisions that quickly moves your business forward.

Driving Digital Success

We take a practical and pragmatic approach to the digital environment to achieve your goals, choosing only those digital options that deliver the desired results.

You can easily become overwhelmed with what to use in the digital space, as well as it being a very time consuming and expensive area of marketing activity.  That is why we focus on some specific areas that we have found to be most beneficial to businesses.

Sales channel to reach your Market

Channel decisions are fundamental in helping you create a competitive advantage for your business by making you a lot more accessible to your customers.

With existing or new sales channels, the experience the customer receives is paramount for business success and must be constantly reviewed to ensure they continue to meet your customers’ and environments changing needs.