Legal Advice For Businesses

At AdviceFirst and POD, we can arrange for access to legal advice from our network of externally contracted lawyers who don’t just offer one-off legal advice, but find the best way to resolve the issue for your business as a whole.

Legal Advice For Businesses

With insight into your business goals and aspirations, our network of trusted external lawyers thinks broadly of the implications any action may have, across all aspects of your business, to enable you to achieve the best outcome.



Ensuring that you are meeting legislative regulatory practices when owning, operating and managing your business. From company structure, reporting, shareholder agreements, through to effective management of mergers and acquisitions



Identifying and mitigating risks in the day-to-day running of the business i.e. contracts with clients and suppliers and managing breaches is vital to protect the sustainability of your company and your reputation



Whether buying, selling or leasing – tenant or landlord, having the right advice and appropriate contractual agreements will protect your business and physical assets.



From employment relations through to more complex agreements and settlements, mediation and employment court matters.



AdviceFirst and POD do not provide legal services.  All legal services will be provided by lawyers or incorporated law firms.  Neither AdviceFirst nor POD are responsible for any advice provided by those lawyers or law firms.