Leadership Development

Designed for people who manage others, we deliver one-on-one or group coaching to accelerate the development of your key people and the leadership capability within your business.

Building Leadership Strength Workshop

With the best will in the world, without a leadership/management team capable of working effectively with their teams, the greatest of business plans and visions will not be realised. This day with your management team will start with us exploring essential leadership skills, which we can be embedded in your team.

  • Leadership Development – soft skills: The team are encouraged to demonstrate leadership to their teams, for some these may be new skills and for others, a refresher of best practice. In this session, we consider the soft skills of leaders, covering emotional intelligence, courageous conversations and de-railer behaviours.
  • Leadership Development – hard skills: Understanding the ‘process’ of how to establish accountability through KPIs and how to manage performance on an ongoing basis to get the best from the team which will support the delivery of organisational goals. As well as understanding how to leverage high performance, we will also address managing poor performance.
  • Working better together: To be a high functioning management team, understanding each other and what makes each person ‘tick’ is a significant advantage. Ahead of the workshop, each attendee will complete an online assessment which we will delve into further on the day – using the insights to determine how the management team can work better together; and, how to leverage each other’s’ complimentary behaviours.

Coaching Programme

During the coaching programme we will bring your business plan to life by each month coaching you through the activities and milestones relating to HR, operations, technology, sales, marketing and finance.  As your coach, mentor and business strategist, we will work alongside you to help your business excel. Together we will focus on your vision (personal and professional), key business drivers and goals. We will support you in your leadership development and your role as business owner, by focusing you "on" the running of the business; as well as supporting you to deliver the operational and growth requirements needed "in" your business.

One-on-one Executive Coaching

Leaders and managers within workplaces are ever faced with change and the requirement to make decisions which are constrained by a range of external factors, such as the business environment, industry trends and market conditions, and, internal factors which include organisational structure, culture, politics and management style. The role of leader incorporates everything from dealing with strategies and financials through to enriching the customer journey and building high performing, engaged teams. The ability and confidence to manage conflicting and challenging decisions will undoubtedly affect the success of leaders and managers.

We adopt a technique called 'transformational coaching' when working with leaders, as it encourages them, through deep questioning to explore their perception of deeply held beliefs, values and assumptions which may impede their success.  The coaching enables the executive to become aware of how their response to an experience can be adapted and evolved to facilitate a positive, better and different way of seeing a situation. This changed response and thinking, therefore, has bearing on the subsequent actions which are taken.

Over a period of three coaching sessions initially, your business coach will work with you to remove road blocks to success and holding you to account with agreed actions.

Leadership Behaviours Profile

Whether leaders find themselves in 'leadership' roles due to being a business owner or coming up through the ranks, learning what good leadership is and how to demonstrate it, is imperative to creating positive, high performing cultures.

The Leadership Behaviours Profile is a powerful and practical multi-rater feedback took which gives leaders insights into their individual leadership competencies as perceived by themselves, peers, direct reports and their manager. The profile considers eight core areas of leadership capability including values champion, team linker, strategic thinker, change facilitator, people motivator, responsibility giver, competent performer and situational decision maker. The profile also determines the emotional intelligence of the individual.

The report presenting analysis of the competencies is used in a coaching setting to look at how to leverage areas of strength and development areas where improvement would be beneficial. Actions are agreed for each individual to practice in the workplace, further embedding the learning.


Active Management Programme

The programme will build management and leadership capability through a focus of understanding core management requirements; managing self; managing others; and, managing teams. Enhanced capability will support business growth, team cohesion, organisational engagement and overall improvements to business performance.

The programme takes place over 12 months with activities taking place weekly to embed knowledge, skill development, experience and ability. Actual time to commit to the formal learning and coaching is just 2 hours a month for each attendee.

Leadership Success Inventory

The key starting point for any leader looking to improve their effectiveness and impact is to understand that how their thinking impacts the way they behave and, therefore, the effect they have on those they lead.

By using the Human Synergistics Lifestyle Inventory assessment, leaders can understand how they think and behave, and what opportunities exist for them to be more effective in their leadership. This tool, and the associated coaching support, results in transformational changes in the way people lead, the results they achieve, and their overall sense of personal satisfaction. These changes ultimately influence the overall impact of their leadership, team cohesion and business results.

The tool is a 360 assessment, combining both self-insight, with feedback from managers, peers and direct reports.

Business Essentials Webinars or Workshops

These webinars aim to get your team working together on what matters most. Imagine people across your organisation coming together regularly, learning as a collective, discussing what's already working, what could be improved, and how they can contribute. Dozens of suggestions are generated and acted upon. The power creating a culture of constant incremental change.

Our webinars encourage conversations at both a leadership level and an organisational level. They focus the team on the specific challenges that you and the business face now and in to the future. The webinars are practical in content and promote action.

Each module is between 30 - 45 minutes and you choose the webinars that best meet the needs of your business and team. We host your webinars on our learning management system and upload a new webinar each month. This enables your team to stay focused on the current learning and access the sessions at times that suit them over the month. It also allows us to track who has completed the webinars; and, understand how they performed in the end of webinar quiz and/or activities. Once your team have completed each assigned webinar, our team hosts a Q&A session to address any queries your team may have.

Our current webinars are as follows:

  • Steps to Creating a Living Strategic Plan and Staying Accountable
  • Selling Your Business in a Competitive Market
  • Exporting Masterclass - Successful Businesses on a Global Scale
  • Advanced Sales Techniques for Service Businesses
  • Big Picture Business Planning
  • Defining Your Vision, Aspirations and Values
  • The Recruitment Process
  • Direct Targeted Selection Interviewing
  • Successful Employee On-Boarding and Inductions
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Dealing with People – Taking the Good with the Bad
  • Effective Communication and Conflict Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Keeping Employees Engaged
  • Building the Best Team
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Process Mapping
  • Time Management

TakeOn! Modules

TakeOn! Is a programme for business performance that gets people working together on what matters most. Imagine people across your organisation coming together regularly, discussing what’s already working, what could be improved, and how they can contribute. Dozens of suggestions are generated and acted upon. The power comes not from a single silver-bullet idea, but in creating a culture of constant incremental change.

TakeON! enables conversations at both a leadership level, and at an organisational level. The modules focus the team on the specific challenges that you and the business face ‘today’. This creates quick wins that build confidence and momentum across the business. The system of the Management Matters and Business Matters themes work on the proven premise that when people generate their own ideas, they are more likely to own and implement them.

"POD has allowed me time to take a step back from the day to day activities and focus on other areas of the business."

Alison Turner, Director, Specialised Manufacturing