Human Resources

Partnering with us will give you access to personalised advice and HR tools to recruit your team, build a culture of high performance, train and develop your leaders to expertly manage HR matters, and help you retain your valued team members.

Everything HR


Our aim is to ensure that your employees succeed and have a positive experience within your team. With our highly experienced HR, organisational development and employment relations team, we can undertake all of your HR and employment relations activity on your behalf and/or we can coach you on how to do this within your own business through our workshop programmes.

Whatever you need in the ‘people space’ we are on hand – be this advice on workforce planning, writing position descriptions, creating policies, designing induction processes; through to undertaking team skills audits, designing performance management frameworks, undertaking remuneration reviews, outplacement support or establishing career development programmes and succession planning. We can deliver all that you know to be ‘HR.’

When it comes to managing disciplinary matters be that poor performance or misconduct, we can alleviate your concerns here by attending meetings, preparing correspondence and/or undertaking investigations.

If you are in a situation where you need to look at downsizing, we can guide you through the restructure process during this challenging time. Similarly, we can provide advice to help you with medical incapacity matters too.

Our services are available on a project basis or on a retainer basis. Our retainer offering is where we deliver a programme of services throughout the year at a preferential rate. Our retainer service sees us partner with you and proactively lead your HR, Health, Safety & Wellbeing needs with your own dedicated team of specialists; and, link you to our other Business Advisory team members when appropriate.



Sometimes, managing a conflict between employer and employee or employee and employee is a very real challenge within businesses; and, often one which most employers would prefer to avoid dealing with despite the costs of ignoring an issue. However, when both parties are wanting resolution and to seek an outcome that is fair and/or agreeable, mediation can help with this desired intent. Disputes are often draining both financial, mentally and emotionally; and, if all parties are willing to come together in good faith, genuinely wanting to resolve the matter, mediation can help mitigate lengthy and expensive court processes being commenced. Also, mediation can simply avoid disputes festering unresolved which will likely impact on the wider team, the business and relationships – none of which are positive for any impacted party.

At POD we can provide mediation services through our specialist Mediator. Our Mediator is an independent person who helps resolve employment relationship problems in a semi-formal and confidential environment. Our Mediator will assist parties to identify main issues and find potential, practical solutions and a workable path to move forward.

How mediation helps:

  • It gives both parties more say about what happens
  • It can be less stressful, with less conflict between the parties
  • It is more cost-effective and time efficient than long drawn-out court battles.