Mar 30, 2020

Webinar: How to survive the Coronavirus impact on your business.

Date(s) - 30/03/2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join us for this information session where we will share key information that can help you mitigate challenges and plan ahead.

There is a lot of concern and confusion about Coronavirus (COVID-19). One thing is clear to us at POD and our clients, is that the impact on New Zealand businesses is real and forcing owners to make decisions and take actions they may not have planned for or be ready to make.

Our Business Advisory team have been working with clients to help them through this challenging time. Based on these increasing requests for information and support, we see an important need to share some key information and considerations that can help you mitigate challenges and plan ahead.

To share this information, we will be running a webinar to discuss the following topics and run a Q+A session afterwards.


  • Cashflow and profit – How do you manage reduced sales, leading to less cashflow which could result in scenarios such as unpaid bills and unpaid staff
  • HR/Health & Safety– You may need to reduce workforce. What do your agreements allow? How do you manage this with your team? What do you do if your team member contacts the virus?
  • Financial – Do you need to talk with your bank / accountant to ensure there are cash facilities available if/when needed – be proactive?
  • Isolation – If staff are required to isolate how do you manage pay, sick leave, remote working and the technology to allow remote working?
  • Supply chain – As an exporter / importer you may have stock trapped on wharves or boats. What do your contracts state about ownership?  Is the stock perishable? What is your insurance cover?
  • Sales and marketing – How do you manage clients and customers when you are out of stock? What is your communication plan to customers for this? Does this present new sales channels / products / services?
  • Crisis management – Have you met with your senior team got a robust crisis management plan in place?
  • Legal – What are you to do if you are unable to deliver on contracts? This is already impacting several of our clients with stock not arriving from overseas due to factory closures leaving them unable to sell to clients here and having to push contacts/deliveries back.
  • Government funds – Are you aware of these and eligible to access them?


WHO IS THIS WEBINAR FOR? Any business owner or manager that is involved in importing, exporting, manufacturing, production or relies on a business that manages these activities for your product or service.

PRESENTER: Gwyn Thomas, General Manager – Business Advisory

DATE: Monday 30th March

TIME: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

PRESENTED VIA: The webinar will be via Zoom; you will be sent a link after registering

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