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The Mindful Leader

Date(s) - 03/10/2019
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

POD Consulting 24/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany South, Auckland 2013

Being a Mindful Leader:

Would you love to learn one skill that would improve every aspect of your leadership, plus increase your happiness? The great news is you can, through the science of mindful leadership!

With companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple embracing mindfulness throughout their business, it’s no longer a secret mindfulness can help you become a better leader. In fact, it’s an essential skill for being an effective leader. As a mindful leader you develop a high level of self-awareness, wisdom and self-mastery, which allows you to bring your best self in all aspects of your work, by greatly improving your emotional intelligence and business acumen. The core of being a mindful leader is about developing a high level of self-awareness and integrating mindfulness into every aspect of your life, both at work and at home.

Self-awareness is the most important leadership skill for leaders as it can affect all other leadership skills. Science has shown that practising mindfulness significantly improves self-awareness, thus improving every other leadership skill impacted by self-awareness.

Sometimes our thoughts can convince us that they are in charge and they have the right to take us wherever they want to go. Yet our thoughts are not facts. By practicing mindfulness, you will develop an objective, third-person way of analysing your thoughts, allowing you to have an objective self-awareness whenever you choose to have it. This enables you to intentionally engage in thinking or planning, or another activity that requires your attention, rather than being distracted and identifying with your thoughts.

To help you become a more successful leader, our workshop will cover:

  • What mindfulness is

  • How mindfulness can benefit you to as a leader

  • 11 mindful leadership exercises and activities to help you develop your mindful leadership practice

  • Tips on incorporating mindfulness in the workplace

This is a practical and interactive session with likeminded leaders, managers and business owners, where you’ll have the opportunity to take learnings straight back to the workplace.