Employment Relations

Whether you are seeking an employment or contractor agreement template, advice on how to address a disciplinary issue or resolve poor performance in your team; or if you are faced with undertaking a restructure within the business; our team of employment relations experts will be there to provide the level of support you need. We will ensure that you are undertaking a compliant and best practice process throughout the employee life cycle, from recruitment to exit.

Employment Agreement Audit

Is it a while since you had your employment agreement checked? We will review your current employment agreement documentation (one template of your standard employment agreement), free of charge and make a recommendation as to whether it needs revision and/or replacing with a more robust agreement to bring your documentation in line with current legislation, mitigating risk to your business.

HR Advice Line

The HR Advice Line provides you with access to HR and employment relations advice from our team of experts. You can simply call or email us with your immediate or pressing HR queries, concerns or issues and the team will promptly assist you.

Popular use of the HR Advice Line would be:

• Seeking immediate consultancy advice via the phone or email
• Preparation of consultation letters regarding instances of poor performance, misconduct or serious misconduct
• Requests to comment on documents
• Population of offer letters and agreements
• Writing policies

"POD's consultants are experts in their field and come highly recommended as your HR partner, mentor and business coach."

Dawn, Chief Executive Officer, International Franchisor