Business Planning & Coaching

We understand that every business is different, as are the needs, wants and aspirations of each business owner. This understanding forms the foundation of our advice programme, as we support you to take your business to new heights. We help you to create the head space to step back from ‘business as usual’ tasks to focus on activities that will help you to realise a better future.

Achieving Business Results.

Working one-on-one, and/or with your leadership team, we will prepare a ‘living’ business plan for your business. The Achieving Business Results programme will include workshops to understand the critical factors influencing the success of your business; as well as the development of your annual strategic business plan. In the programme we also look at your role as business owner and/or leadership team, and you are invited to undertake a psychometric personality assessment to gain greater insight into your leadership style.

Business Growth Strategy

At times, instead of a one year strategic business plan, business owners and/or senior leaders want to drive momentum, establish clear outcomes and execute action over a shorter period of just 90 or 180 days. The applied focus hones attention on the key outcomes and with the regular workshops, which are interactive and action oriented – results are delivered, quickly.

This five workshop programme can be delivered over one month or over a period of six months, depending on your availability and the time you have to invest in taking action.


The first workshop would incorporate a review of the business performance and key elements of the business strategy presently. At the end of the session, we should expect clarity and simplification of the vision, target market, core outcomes for each functional area (i.e. HR, sales, marketing, finance, technology, operations) and a 90 day plan of action. All details being presented on a ‘plan on a page.’


The subsequent workshops would involve a deep dive of the functional areas. Each session would involve the ‘how to’ of delivering the ‘plan on a page’ in specific regard to the 90 or 180 day plan. The coaching sessions would see us practically bringing the plans and actions to life.

During the coaching programme we will bring your business plan to life by each month coaching you through the activities and milestones relating to HR, operations, technology, sales, marketing and finance. As your coach, mentor and business strategist, we will work alongside you to help your business excel.
Together we will focus on your vision (personal and professional), key business drivers and goals. We will support you in your leadership development and your role as business owner, by focusing you “on” the running of the business; as well as supporting you to deliver the operational and growth requirements needed “in” your business.

One on One Executive Coaching

Leaders and managers within workplaces are ever faced with change and the requirement to make decisions which are constrained by a range of external factors, such as the business environment, industry trends and market conditions, and, internal factors which include organisational structure, culture, politics and management style. The role of leader incorporates everything from dealing with strategies and financials through to enriching the customer journey and building high performing, engaged teams. The ability and confidence to manage conflicting and challenging decisions will undoubtedly affect the success of leaders and managers.

We adopt a technique called ‘transformational coaching’ when working with leaders, as it encourages them, through deep questioning to explore their perception of deeply held beliefs, values and assumptions which may impede their success. The coaching enables the executive to become aware of how their response to an experience can be adapted and evolved to facilitate a positive, better and different way of seeing a situation. This changed response and thinking, therefore, has bearing on the subsequent actions which are taken.

Over a period of three coaching sessions initially, your business coach will work with you to remove road blocks to success and holding you to account with agreed actions.

Exit Ready Programme


Over the next 5-10 years up to 300,000 New Zealand businesses owned by baby boomers will be put up for sale, that’s close to 105,000 located in Auckland alone. With this flood of businesses to the market and with a shortage of buyers with plenty of options, to live the retirement you planned, differentiating the value of your business is imperative.

Knowing that you have achieved the best possible return on your asset at the time of sale is what ensures that you can genuinely celebrate your exit and the time you have personally given to growing your business over your many years of ownership.

Our one-on-one programme is about giving you the confidence to know that your business is in the best position to maximise your return when you sell.


  • Development of a high level action plan outlining the tactics and timeframes within the functional areas of the business, with the aim of ensuring that any due diligence processes will reflect positively in each of these areas, be that HR, operations or sales
  • Understand valuation methodology options to determine sale price
  • Gain insight in to the key actions to enable the best return for your business
  • Determine your personal succession plan
  • Accessing expertise to aid your success
  • Completion of a business sale readiness assessment
  • Development of an information memorandum for your business [optional]

Business Growth Acceleration Programme

Our Business Growth Acceleration Programme gives you all the expertise, support, knowledge and guidance to help your business thrive and excel. This programme is custom designed to align with your specific business goals and aspirations and have a dedicated team committed to your business – including your Business Adviser, HR Partner and Leadership Coach.

Your Strategic Roadmap
Understanding your vision, purpose and values, together we will create a one-year strategic plan to direct, support and measure your business success.

Leadership Development
Building management and leadership capability to support business growth, team cohesion, organisational engagement and business performance.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing
Assess, diagnose and improve your business health, safety and wellbeing with practical hands on support to protect your business, team and customers.

HR Essentials & Advice Line
Access best practice templates, tools and advice to protect your business. Whether you need an induction plan, a position description template or
advice on a disciplinary matter, we are here to help.

Business Know How Webinars
Our webinar series covers all aspects of running a business and managing every aspect of HR, ensuring that you have ready access to current
insights from growing your business through to building high performing teams.

If you are serious about growth, making a  difference to the future of your business, making a difference to your future,  this programme will demonstrate the desired return on investment.  

Being committed to success, you will understand the 10x philosophy – success doesn’t come to those who wait for it to appear;  it doesn’t come to those business owners that continue ‘business as usual’ with  ordinary effort.  Success comes to those  that put in huge commitment, effort and action.   Successful business owners are those that then benefit from their  endeavours – it isn’t good luck alone that drives results – it requires  extraordinary effort. 

Our programme sees you partnering with an award  winning Business Growth Advisors to accelerate results in your business and for you personally over one year.  Each of  our Business Growth Advisors have built their own businesses, sold them and  have advised other business owners internationally on how to deliver  exponential growth – in order to move in to global markets or prime themselves  for sale.