Achieving Business Results

Strategy is not rocket science and as a business owner, you will know that the key to success is a robust plan to keep you focused and on track with the ‘big picture’ goals. However, the tough part is not what goals to include, but getting your plan recorded and having the right support to guide you and aid execution.


Your Business Growth Dashboard

With the goals clear, every action to achieve them is recorded in your personal business growth dashboard.

Your dashboard enables you to delegate activities to your team, track progress in real time and benchmark your progress month on month.

Get it right and you will achieve the desired business results.  Without planning and measuring your performance, how do you really know if you are reaching your potential?


  • Goal: 20% increased turnover in 2019
  • Result: 50% increased turnover in 2019



  • Goal: Achieve business valuation aspirations within 10 years
  • Result: Currently at 70% of target within 3 years, aim to achieve aspirations within 2 years



  • Goal: Increase net profit (at 29%) and expand facilities
  • Result: Net profit 33%, two additional facilities purchased and plans for further developments in place


To find out how your business is tracking and what the key priorities are for 2020 – please complete our 5 minute Business Check Up.  One of our Business Growth Partners will be in touch to take you through the results and how the Business Growth Dashboard could help you.