Meet the team

The link between ideas and action.

  • Shannon Ellison

    Shannon Ellison Recruitment Specialist

  • Aman Bhai

    Aman Bhai Business Development Support

  • Lotte Simpson

    Lotte Simpson Senior HR Partner

  • Vicki Moran

    Vicki Moran Senior HR Partner

  • Laura Moloney

    Laura Moloney HR Consultant

  • Jessica Stephens

    Jessica Stephens Recruitment Specialist

  • Mike Kensington

    Mike Kensington Leadership & Strategy Partner

  • Sandy Bookwala

    Sandy Bookwala HR Coordinator

  • Chris O’Hara Smith

    Chris O’Hara Smith Assistant Accountant

  • Sharn Rayner

    Sharn Rayner Founder & Director

  • Lindsey Rayner

    Lindsey Rayner Managing Partner

  • Kerryn Strong

    Kerryn Strong Change Manager

  • Rachelle Fisher

    Rachelle Fisher Team Administrator

  • Alicia Meyer

    Alicia Meyer Senior HR Consultant

"I can honestly say that POD are so amazing at what they do. They are professional, welcoming, quick, approachable, and do what they say they are going to do. I'm so glad that I have chosen to work with such a great bunch of people that not only do their job, but leave me feeling inspired."

Bo Burns
Marketing and Sales Manager, All About Promo