Making people your
link to success.

At POD we're in no doubt that the strength of your
people and the growth of your business are intrinsically
linked, therefore to unlock your growth potential you
first need to unlock your people potential.

How we work

It’s eyes straight ahead, firmly fixed on the end game with the team fully on board and heading in the same direction.

Sounds easy when you put it like that and that’s exactly how we like to make it.

We start with getting underneath some of your business fundamentals – in other words the Where, Why, How and Who that makes your business tick:

  • Where your business is going and Why (goals and purpose).
  • How you want to do business (culture).
  • Who you need to help you get there (people capability – right place, right time).

What makes POD different?

  • We create

    There's a saying here at POD that 'nothing happens until something moves' and that's what we're great at identifying - what needs to move, by when and how. It's our job to ask the right questions to help business owners reframe their view of the status quo so that we can get the right results.

  • We only do
    made to measure

    When you work with POD, we ensure that our solutions deliver you everything you need and nothing you don't. We understand that every business is different and therefore that's how we build our solutions - designed to match your difference.

  • We’re entirely
    dedicated to your

    With POD on your team you get the perfect blend of business partner, strategist, leader, coach and HR practitioner, all focused on your success. We clarify direction, help design and implement with tireless dedication, and keep things moving.

  • We act from
    (not theory)

    The four words a client most wants to hear from those they partner with is "we've done this before" followed closely by "we know it works". At POD we've built up a core team of strategy, leadership, organisational development and HR experts who have also owned and run businesses. They know the pain points that business owners experience because they have experienced them first hand.

  • We’re your
    trusted wingman

    When you're running a business there's always a lot to think about, remember, do, improve and never enough hours in the day to do it all. As the boss you're also expected to have all the answers to all the questions and that can sometimes feel like a rather heavy load. POD is just the team to lighten it! We don't just know our stuff, we're also upbeat, 'can do' people who care about getting you moving in the right direction as much as you do.

Work Here

Three things we love about POD:

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    Each other: We each bring different experience, knowledge and expertise to the table; we are in likeminded company, we're supportive 'sounding boards' and we're always sharing our experiences with one another, building up our knowledge bank.

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    Flexibility: We're dynamic and flexible in terms of our physical work environments and work structures - how we deliver exceptional work to our clients is up to us.

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    Common Purpose: We're a [work]force to be reckoned with. We're all here to do the same thing - to drive and deliver the best for our clients, the best we know how.