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Wateen Ketan

HR Advisor

Phone: 027 317 3425


I have always been fascinated by people and their role in making this big world function. Technology plays a vital part in the day to day running of organisations and now, more than ever we are seeing the value in HR for the human element. I see myself as the bridge between the business and employees, I am here to ensure that all factors that go into an employment relationship are considered. My primary focus is on collaboration, through leadership and it’s contributions to the culture of the business, as I am firm believer that a great culture feeds into great engagement, which results in high performance. Employment Relations is my passion alongside helping organisations find solutions and work on their people strategy.

When I am not continuously on the go with people needs, I find any reason to be by the water, whether it be fishing, kayaking or swimming and camping. I love the great outdoors and am a keen traveller, as curiosity lives and breathes well in me!