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Laura Humphreys

Business Growth Adviser

Phone: 0800 476 347


I am an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for business growth. Having successfully built a number of businesses from start to successful exit, I have hands on experience of the highs and lows of business which gives me genuine empathy with the business owners I work with. In recent years I have worked as mentor, coach and adviser with a wide variety of different business models and products including coffee, peanut butter, investment banking, sustainable packaging, bookkeeping & accounting, advertising & marketing, sports surfaces, engineering, architecture, procurement, legal and fashion retail.

Regardless of the business, I’ve discovered a talent for helping the owners gain clarity of direction and purpose, improve the effectiveness of their business model and create practical, manageable action plans. I am results focused, all about growth and building the value of the business.

In my spare time (if there is such a thing), I’m a shareholder in a start up business, have two teenage kids, two dogs, love to run in the bush, play very average golf. And I’m writing a young adult dystopian novel!