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Gerard Hudson

Business Growth & Financial Performance Adviser

Phone: 0800 476 347


As a business adviser I am committed to delivering results and change in dynamic organisations – by working with people (owners, directors, staff at all levels, customers and suppliers) to achieve business goals and improve performance. I have a strong background in business strategy, financial and general management, business development, team leadership and commercial management.

With over 25 years’ experience in business and financial management, I specialise in practical rather than academic solutions tailored to clients’ and employers’ businesses, teams and industries. I seek to add a creative twist to business management and improvement methods – building on my core qualification as a chartered accountant. I’ve worked in a variety of executive management, financial management, governance and advisory roles. These roles have been in small family businesses, substantial private businesses as well as substantial local subsidiaries of multinational companies. I’ve seen great systems and best practice applied at all levels and am skilled at adapting best practice to strike the balance when seeking to apply world class disciplines and processes to smaller operations without adding cost or bureaucracy. Recently I’ve also worked with a number of community and non-profit organisations.

I enjoy working with clients in an ongoing advisory role or for specific focused investigations or projects.

Away from the office, I throw myself into (mostly acoustic) music, photography, fine food and drink. I’m also engaged with music and performing arts event management and performance photography.