by | Mar 15, 2020

Recruitment Checklist

The right people in the right roles is critical to a business success. Ensuring you follow a robust recruitment process when hiring will ensure your team is aligned, engaged and contribute positively to both results and culture of the business.

Review the checklist below to establish your strengths when recruiting and any gaps you may need to focus on to ensure your process is thorough and aligned to achieving your objectives.

  • We have a clear recruitment strategy in line with your objectives for the next 12 months
  • Our workforce plan is clear and in line with our strategic objectives
  • Our workforce plan takes in to account emergency staffing needs to combat unforeseen changes in the market
  • All roles have clear position descriptions and person specifications
  • There is a clear succession plan in place that address short, medium- and long-term goals
  • All employees have career development plans and we understand their motivators
  • We have a strong Employee Value Proposition to retain and attract our talent
  • We have a recruitment budget in place
  • We are confident with the platforms we use to attract talent
  • We have a process in place to ensure a good candidate experience and manage a passive candidate pipeline
  • We are happy with our current time to hire for a role
  • We follow a robust recruitment process when hiring
  • We understand our ‘hard to fill roles’ and have a contingency plan in place (i.e. a talent pipeline plan)
  • We have established recruitment partnerships to support us through the process

If you are looking for a recruitment partner with the expertise to coach and support you and your candidates through a first class experience, contact Simone our Head of Recruitment at or 027 230 7417.

“Recruitment is my jam and making a difference is what drives me.

Originally from the UK, I have worked in various sales role and industries, including finance and logistics, which have put me in a good stead as a Recruitment Specialist.
Through my recruitment career I have partnered with both large corporate accounts and SME’s to find the best talent in the market. Communication, accountability and speed to market are vital elements to my recruitment process. I believe in a consultative approach and that by really understanding the needs of both a candidate and client you can build strong connections and work together to deliver tailored outcomes.

Outside of work I have my hands full with being a new mum – best job ever. I am a bit of a foodie and love a good gritty drama. I don’t do enough of it these days, but I enjoy Pilates, reading, travel and the beach.”

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