by | Mar 15, 2020

Operations Checklist

Having effective Operations processes enables businesses to perform efficiently and effectively – ensuring quality control, and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Another key benefit of effective processes is that they allow key activities to be transferred and shared across your team, removing single point sensitivity in crisis situations… or even when just one team member is away on leave. So, if you’re a business owner getting stuck in the detail, this should help remove you from the nitty gritty, and allow you to focus on achieving the big picture business goals.

  • We have an Operations plan that supplements our key strategic plan/ business plan
  • The Operations plan has key goals/ deliverables to be achieved and set milestones
  • All of our business/organisational processes are documented by way of checklist or flowchart to provide clarity to people joining our team and other relevant team members
  • Our business/ organisational processes have regular, scheduled review dates
  • Our business processes have clearly established ‘process owners’ to ensure processes are followed correctly
  • Our business processes are not single point sensitive – enabling others to pick up responsibility if necessary, in the event of short or long term absence
  • Our processes contain specific timeframes for delivery of services and activities (be this to internal or external customers)
  • We have clearly documented, and easily understood company policies that supplement our company processes
  • We regularly ask for and review customer feedback to ensure high customer satisfaction (better still, we take action based on customer feedback)
  • We have tools and processes in place to regularly review our targets to ensure we are on track as individuals and as a team
  • Our existing company processes best suit the way our business/ organisation operates
  • We have suitable technology and systems that support our business operations
  • We have an emergency management plan in place which is communicated and accessible to all employees

Laura, our Head of Operations is a guru when it comes to translating ‘detail’ to clear, concise, understandable process maps that are understood by all relevant parties. If you need help shifting the complex to simple be this business processes or training manuals – Laura can assist, or 021 149 9566.

“In addition to HR, I’m involved in operational aspects of the day to day running of POD, so every day is different. By far my favourite aspect of my role has been working with our clients, understanding how their businesses operate and working on HR and operational solutions to meet their needs. I also enjoy working with the POD team and the continuous learning that happens when we’re together.

Outside of work I love spending my time with friends and family getting out and about! I love being outdoors having a crack at fishing, hunting or bush walks and exploring whatever comes my way.”

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