by | Mar 15, 2020

Marketing Checklist

Being good at marketing is all about being able to understand who your market is so you can engage with your customers and potential customers in a way that drives strong relationships and ultimately sales.

Review this checklist to see where you are strong and to identify areas you may need to focus on to ensure you are connecting effectively with your market to generate more sales and achieve your business goals.

  • We have a marketing plan for the year that aligns to our business goals
  • The marketing plan provides clarity on what actions my team needs to do each month
  • We have avenues and channels that we could pursue and activate in the event of changing global and national need
  • We have a marketing budget that is allocated to marketing actions
  • We have a process in place to review marketing results against the marketing plan and business goals monthly
  • We know what makes us different to our competitors (our point of difference)
  • Our point of difference solves a true customer need and everyone in our company can explain it simply
  • We know which customers are the most profitable for us and how to target them
  • We regularly ask our customers for feedback and act on what they tell us
  • We use the digital space (our website, social media etc) as a natural extension of our business to provide information and help people to purchase from us
  • We have systems in place to capture details from everyone that interacts with us
  • We have a process in place to contact everyone on our database to keep them updated on our business and generate sales from them when appropriate
  • We group our database into segments so we can have different communications going out to reflect people’s relationship with our business

Nicole, our Head of Customer Insights and Marketing is on hand to help you delve further into understanding your market and, thereby, enabling you to make more sales. Why not give Nicole a call or drop her an email – or call 021 898 307. Alternatively, complete our Marketing Check Up to help you get a clearer picture of your marketing strengths and weaknesses, and Nicole will send out your customised marketing report.

“I work with NZ business to help them connect and communicate with their new and existing customers in the best way possible.

Ultimately with so many ways for businesses to spend their marketing funds, my team and I help to take the guesswork out of selecting the right combination of activities to create growth and make sure that every activity you do is as effective as it can be.

Initially my focus was in marketing & research in the media industry where I worked for TVNZ. After that I moved to England where I worked for several years for National Geographic and Canal+. After this I came back to NZ and worked primarily for Vodafone before setting up my own business – Tactix. Tactix was set up to assist NZ businesses with planning and implementing their marketing actions, enabling them to get a better return from their marketing investment and ultimately connecting better with their customers.

Outside of work I am kept busy with my two boys. My husband is a huge fan of muscle cars so you can often find me at car rallies or events. Apart from this there is nothing I like more than sitting down quietly with a good book to read and perhaps a glass of wine.”

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