by | Mar 15, 2020

Human Resources Checklist

Ensuring you have robust HR processes and policies in place is essential to setting expectations and clear guidelines which align with the strategic initiatives of the business. If the goal is to have your team ‘living the values’ and delivering to performance goals – they really need to understand how they fit in to the big picture and how they personally contribute to achieving the vision.  Also, clear guidelines enable you to manage poor performance and misconduct when things do go array.

This checklist will assess your HR strengths and areas for development – enabling you to mitigate risk as well as determine how you can best support a culture of engagement and productivity.

  • We have a strategic HR plan for the year that aligns to our business goals
  • We know our workforce plan needs to meet our strategic goals
  • We are able to reduce our workforce as needed should our sales be dramatically impacted
  • We know the legal paths to manage changes to our staff (restructures, reduced hours, use of leave entitlements, introduction of special leave)
  • Our organisation’s vision and purpose are clearly communicated to staff
  • We have training and development programmes in place for all our employees – specific to their role and/or our plans for the future
  • We have identified those employees who are critical to the success of the business and have succession plans in place
  • We have a structured recruitment and onboarding process in place
  • All our employees have a signed employment agreement on file
  • All our employees have an up to date and complete position description and person specification
  • Our employment agreements have been reviewed within the last 18 months
  • We have the following policies i.e. Health and Safety, Personal Behaviour, Use of IT, Harassment and Bullying, Performance Disciplinary processes as a minimum
  • Our employees comply with company policies / house rules
  • Our managers are trained to confidently lead disciplinary meetings and/or poor performance discussions
  • We have the support to ensure we deal with employee related issues in a legally compliant manner
  • We have an annual formal performance review or appraisal system in place as a minimum – and where possible provide feedback in real time
  • We have measured employee satisfaction within the last year and took action to implement change based on the feedback from our team

Keen to have a chat about your team and how to manage them effectively through the Covid-19 situation and/or help them remain confident in their roles and thrive? Please feel free to get in touch with Mike our Leadership and Strategy Partner, Mike heads up our HR team and really does practice what he preaches when it comes to building and leading great teams – or 021 596 732 .

Alternatively, please feel free to complete our People Check Up and Mike and his team will be in touch.

“I have been lucky to have had an awesome career in HR and business. I have worked with some brilliant people, in a variety of organisations and had responsibility for delivering really positive business outcomes. The main focus of my work has been helping business leaders, owners and managers to operate more successfully. I have developed programmes and coached a range of people to improve their own self-leadership, better manage their teams and people, or generally operate a more efficient business.

I have worked across a number of industries, including SME’s, retail, financial services, professional services, transport/logistics and education. I have particularly enjoyed working with a wide range of leaders, from Executives and Senior Managers, to frontline Team Leaders and newly appointed Managers.

My passion lies in helping people understand how they can be more effective and successful in what they do at work, and ultimately, more satisfied in their lives. I enjoy facilitating business outcomes, working one on one through coaching around a particular issue, designing and developing workshops, mentoring people through business dilemmas, or developing a range of solutions to help develop both leadership and management capability.

Outside of work I love my rural lifestyle and with my wife, play an active role in the lives of my two great kids.”

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