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Business Success Case Study

Company Name: Ambridge Rose Group

Industry: Private hospital, rest home residential care, dementia care

Team size: 130

Why us:

As one of New Zealand’s leading independent owners of a private hospital and rest home residential care facilities, Allan and Linda were already phenomenally successful when we first began working together in 2015.  Allan and Linda were introduced to us as they were seeking a long term, local partner who could support them with specific regard to business strategy and people management – areas that were firmly within our expertise.

The brief:

Allan and Linda wanted to ensure that they were putting their staff first and foremost.  They wanted POD to help them develop their team, update processes and uncover what would increase staff retention, in a traditionally transient industry.  Further, they were keen to free Allan and Linda from the day to day running of the business, through effective succession planning and through enabling others to confidently take greater accountability in their roles.

What we did and do:

  • Creation of vision, values and purpose
  • Achieving business results programme (strategy and workshops)
  • Strategic planning
  • Ongoing business coaching
  • Human resources – strategic HR planning, inductions to exit interview, workshops through to employment relations, employee surveys to succession planning
  • Recruitment
  • Leadership development

Bringing a sense of togetherness was the first step that we embarked on, working with the diverse cultural team to ensure that they could see how each individual contributed to the achievement of the organisational vision.  Essentially this can be seen in the care that is given to every resident and their families and in how the collective team create a positive experience for everyone that encounters Ambridge Rose. The team totally embody the values that have been created and this is reflected in employee and resident/family surveys alike.

In my first year working with Allan we undertook the Achieving Business Results programme, which is a series of workshops which focus on the leader, their personal and professional aspirations, a SWOT, competitor analysis, market assessment and it culminates in the development of a comprehensive business plan with clear, tangible actions and timelines. Allan and I have consistently addressed those actions month on month, monitoring performance and discussing what may need to change and challenging these decisions.  Each year we re-establish the strategic areas of focus and determine the required actions to enable all goals to be achieved.  Key strategic activity in recent times has been the purchase of additional care facilities as well as the purchase of further properties on which to build residential apartments; designing the residential apartments and landscaping that will be built including mapping the services that will be required to maintain these; undertaking a group re-brand; lifting retention to minimise time spent on recruitment and inductions and increasing time on the development of a highly motivated workforce; continuing to have industry top performance in regard to facility utilisation; and, enabling Allan and Linda to have the freedom to pursue other personal interests whilst maintaining close oversight of the business and being present to the team, residents and their families.

Supporting Allan in achieving goals has seen our POD team working closely with the Ambridge Rose team; working together, smoothly, in a complimentary manner.  I have partnered with Allan on strategy, coaching and succession planning; and, the wider POD team have taken responsibility with Brian the COO and the senior leadership team at Ambridge Rose on all other aspects of process mapping, HR, leadership development and recruitment over the years.

Whilst Allan continually aspires to new goals, he has ticked off all goals that we have mapped and/or they are a definite work in progress.  In the last month, Ambridge Rose completed their annual employee survey and the result really epitomised the success which filters to every part of the business – a result of 90% of employees strongly agreeing or agreeing with every aspect of the survey from alignment with the vision, values and purpose through to the importance of their role and commitment from the leadership team.


Sharn Rayner – Managing Partner, Business Advisory

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