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What is an EAP?

As an employer, we are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace to our team members, by supporting both our employee’s physical, as well as their mental, health and wellbeing.

One way we can support this is to offer short-term, confidential counselling and personal support strategies to our staff, providing them with external support when they experience personal or work problems that feel unable to cope with alone, through an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider.

By using an EAP service, your team members can find productive ways to overcome and manage these challenges, whatever they are including grief, relationships, stress, parenting, drug and alcohol, family violence, workplace issues (including change management, harassment, bullying and conflict), and career development.

We aim to support your needs in all people-related areas and know that providing an EAP service can have prohibitive costs for SME’s. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to provide a cost-effective EAP service to your team, through our partnership with EAPworks.


By partnering with us and EAPworks, not only will you support your employee’s health and wellbeing, you will help get the best out of your employees through increased employee morale, retention and overall productivity.

You will also have the benefit of heavily reduced establishment fees and annual fees.

Using EAPworks as an EAP provider, you and your team will have easy access 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to professional counselling, as well as a range of other services including trauma and crisis support.

Your employees will be able to make an appointment, either through the EAPworks hotline or using their app, with a counsellor at a time that suits them. This meeting could be held in person or by telephone.

Having 24/7 access to a counsellor means there is no need to wait to seek assistance. If an appointment with a medical professional or counsellor is necessary, your employee can arrange to see one in just a few days. Because your employee’s can call for support at any time, they do not have to worry about calling from a work phone or waiting over the weekend to get help.

If you are a small business, you can especially benefit from offering an EAP programme. Because you have fewer employees, your bottom line can suffer quicker when team members are either absent, creating a negative environment or not working as productively, due to personal or work-related issues.

If you do not attempt to support employees to manage these issues, your business can be severely damaged. As an employer who provides an effective, full-service EAP to your team, you can help both yourself and your team members by lowering your risk and liability, improving employee satisfaction, and especially decreasing the stress small business owners experience when managing numerous responsibilities with little support.

To learn more about EAPworks, simply click here.


By Kim Ahern, HR Partner

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