Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 defines health and safety as being both physical and mental. At AdviceFirst and POD we take that commitment seriously and we will work alongside you, to monitor and improve health, safety and mental wellbeing in your workplace. Thereby giving you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to support your team whilst protecting yourself and your business.

Our offerings include:

• Health, Safety and Wellbeing Consulting and Facilitation

• Safe365

• Mental Health First Aid

• Introduction to Mindfulness

• Employee Assistance Programme

Health & Safety | Safe365

Mitigate risk for your people and your business with an affordable, easy-to-use and fully supported Health & Safety solution.

At AdviceFirst and POD we take health and safety in the workplace seriously – be this physical or mental health. As sponsors of the Safe365 ‘Safest Place to Work Awards,’ we are part of the movement to positively lift the culture of workplace safety in New Zealand.

Safe365 helps you meet health & safety legislative compliance levels, by:

  • Assessing your health & safety capability
  • Diagnosing the problem areas
  • Improving your capability
  • Reporting your progress



Start with a free 21 day trial to try it out first and see exactly why we are supporters of Safe365.

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Mental Health First Aid

We all experience life’s ups and downs yet how each of us copes with the downs differs. Mental Health First Aid is a programme that helps you understand how to deal with challenging life situations. It also teaches you how to support others within your organisation who are going through a difficult time. Using real life situations, trained instructors show you and/or members of your team, how to listen without judgement, enabling you to actively support and encourage team members to seek professional help if needed.

To support the work we do across workplace wellbeing, we offer Mental Health First Aid training at your place of work or in larger groups of individuals.

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Introduction to Mindfulness


Mindfulness has been shown to reduce workplace stress, anxiety and absenteeism.  Introducing mindfulness to your team has many benefits, alongside your team feeling valued, it can lift mental wellbeing and create a more positive workplace culture and environment.

To support the work we do across workplace wellbeing, we offer three ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ programmes.

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“Safe365 has helped raise awareness for the health and safety committee. Knowledge can then be filtered down to employees on best practice. Safe365 has shown us we’re in quite a good place to start from and we’re more confident now that our efforts are getting off on the right foot and the app will help make it much easier to keep tabs.”

Viv Holmes, H&S Committee Chair, Financial Advisory